Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Holy Grail Has Been Fulfilled

A am very happy to finally say I have acquired a very hard to find blood stone capped Waterman 412...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homelink Aluminum Fountain Pen's

A small fountain pen company that lasted less than a decade was broke apart by the strain of war. Homelink pens are known to be aluminum, though I do suspect hard rubber know now plastic pens were produced due to the strain on materials during the war effort.

Homelink pens were made by Kagan & Co. of Edgware in North London which produced some very high quality fountain pens back in the day. Homelink's were no exception, and can commonly be found in aluminum, but there are "De Luxe" versions that came in anodized colors of "Gold, Ruby, Green, Blue, Jet Black and many other attractive colors." If anyone has these colors, I'd be interested in purchasing them, but as of now I've only been able to acquire blue and black. Below is what they looks like;

Another thing to add, is these pens are most often found without their original Homelink nibs, and are found with nibs that are from other manufacturers. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Sheaffer Fountain Pen's For Sale

Recently restored by Tom Heath are some fantastic Sheaffers pens.

Pen #1- 1949 Sheaffer Cadet/ Craftsman in grey, restored, fully functional. Extra fine nib. Both caps are included. $35 + Shipping. SOLD 

Pen #2- 1939 Sheaffer Jr. in black with nickle trim, smooth medium nib, restored. $60 + Shipping. SOLD 

Pen #3- 1929 Sheaffer 3-25, scarce pen in Jade. Jade was usually used in the bigger pens, and few 3-25's were made in Jade in the early 30's and they were only made for only a few years. Smooth fine nib. $80 + Shipping. SOLD 

Friday, July 27, 2012

NOS German Rifka Piston Filler

I’ve never seen a pen so frozen in time, and so perfect. The patina is as perfect as you can get on a pen, and the sticker is still very crisp and the colors have not faded. Truly a hard pen to find to top it off.   

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Two

Upon talking with Scott at Franklin-Christoph, I envisioned many pen cases with each brand having their own case. As my collection is growing with each day going by, I decided to purchase several of his cases to store my daily carrying pens. I mainly carry a pen or two when I'm going out, so the Penvelope Two seemed to be the best solution for me.

First Impression (10)

When I first received the box in the mail I was truly amazed on how well these leather products were packaged. I think of Franklin-Christoph as being a small, high quality, family owned business; but upon reading their blog, they have had tremendous growth and are becoming very well known in the fountain pen community as a reliable fountain pen case producer. The packaging is very simple and conveys a high level quality from within. 

As eager as I was, I knew in the end the products weren't going to stay in their packaging for long... 

I spy something...

Construction and Finish (9.5)

Franklin-Christoph's leather work is spectacular to say the least. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and I love the contrasting white stitching used on all of his products. The only think I don't care for, is the softness of the leather, as it can be scratched easily.

As most leather pen cases use zippers, I was surprised by the fact that Franklin-Christoph shines through yet again with such a simple, yet innovative original idea of incorporating the "buckle" closure system. Throughout the time I have used this, there has been no problems with the buckle system, and I suspect that I wont with continual use. 

I've yet to get ink stains on this wonderful heavy duty material Franklin-Christoph uses in the majority of his leather products. With use, I will see how well it does keeping ink stains off. The burgundy is a great medium to the warm brown leather offered on this particular model. 

This case is built for pens of any size. Pens that are 4 inches would sit flush in the top part on the case, and should preferable be clipped so the clip can be set onto the fabric. Pens in the 5.5 inch range would fit comfortable in the case, and again it would be recommended if the pen has a clip. This case can accommodate clip-less pens, but if the pen is pushed all the way down, the pen will need to be pushed out from the bottom. This case can not only hold jumbo pens, but pens that are also very lengthy.

Slim, Simple, Sexy or the three S's. The three best fitting words that describe this wonderfully made piece of usable art. Easily concealable in a briefcase, or backpack; you won't have to worry about a bulge or worse, it falling out. The best part, and another feature I've yet to see on any other pen leather products, is the use of material to clip on to anything. This is a feature on the back of only the Penvelope Two, and is handy to clip onto anything and everything where you'd like to take your pens. 

Shown on the back of a backpack. 

Shown on the front of shoulder straps. 

Cost and Value (10)

This case is one of the few you'll find on the market, with the features and endless high quality details for $49.50. This case is virtually indestructible and will last long after something happens to your pens. If you're in the situation to get a case for your fountain pens, than this is something that you'll find yourself using more than you realize.


A great case, a very well built case, and the Penvelope Two is something I look forward to using for many, many more years.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Movado 800 Series 41mm Watch Review

First Impression (10)

I recently splurged and bought my first watch, and though not a Rolex, a Movado is very comparable in terms of quality and its time measuring capabilities. The watch was packed very elegantly in a fine leather box, something not all watches can relate to.  

Construction and Finish (8.5)

As I opened up the box I was greeted by the watch with its contrasting brushed and polished stainless steel links really making the watch stand out. The lumens are the perfect size that can be easily read from afar and from most angles. The dial is also the perfect shade, not a grey black, but a crisp black that I don’t always see on watches. 

The next part that really stood out to me, was the high quality clasp they engineered for 2012. On other watches you will see other clasps that don’t hold up as well over time, but I’ve yet to have problems with this clasp. A secure clasp that you won’t have to worry about having problems with. 

Onto the face... What more can you expect! With quality obviously being a high priority at Movado, the face was just another easily attributed aspect of their fine attention to detail. 

Cost and Value (10)

At $1,600 MSRP, it’s by far cheap, but it exceeds many of the watches in terms of quality under $5,000. I must say even next to a Rolex Submariner 16610, it’s not far off in terms of quality. If you’re looking for a highly respected watch, without spending north of $5,000, I strongly recommend checking out Movado's line of watches for both men and women. 

Conclusion (9.25)

If you’re in the market for a watch, and are looking for something that will go perfectly while having a night on the town, I strongly recommend a Movado. Easily parable with anything, and can be dressed up or down or any occasion.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rare Mabie Todd Blackbird Demonstrator w/ Diamine Grape!

I'm looking to expand my Swan/Mabie Todd collection, since the last Swan I purchased doesn't have a model number to go by. Since I love the capabilities of that nib, I figured I needed to expand and step up my game to something you rarely see.. a Mabie Todd Blackbird Demonstrator.

With un-interupted broadcasting, lets wait no longer, and lets give around-of-a-applause to Mr and Ms. Blackbird!