Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Holy Grail Has Been Fulfilled

A am very happy to finally say I have acquired a very hard to find blood stone capped Waterman 412...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homelink Aluminum Fountain Pen's

A small fountain pen company that lasted less than a decade was broke apart by the strain of war. Homelink pens are known to be aluminum, though I do suspect hard rubber know now plastic pens were produced due to the strain on materials during the war effort.

Homelink pens were made by Kagan & Co. of Edgware in North London which produced some very high quality fountain pens back in the day. Homelink's were no exception, and can commonly be found in aluminum, but there are "De Luxe" versions that came in anodized colors of "Gold, Ruby, Green, Blue, Jet Black and many other attractive colors." If anyone has these colors, I'd be interested in purchasing them, but as of now I've only been able to acquire blue and black. Below is what they looks like;

Another thing to add, is these pens are most often found without their original Homelink nibs, and are found with nibs that are from other manufacturers. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Sheaffer Fountain Pen's For Sale

Recently restored by Tom Heath are some fantastic Sheaffers pens.

Pen #1- 1949 Sheaffer Cadet/ Craftsman in grey, restored, fully functional. Extra fine nib. Both caps are included. $35 + Shipping. SOLD 

Pen #2- 1939 Sheaffer Jr. in black with nickle trim, smooth medium nib, restored. $60 + Shipping. SOLD 

Pen #3- 1929 Sheaffer 3-25, scarce pen in Jade. Jade was usually used in the bigger pens, and few 3-25's were made in Jade in the early 30's and they were only made for only a few years. Smooth fine nib. $80 + Shipping. SOLD