Monday, May 28, 2012

BamaPen's Cigar Fountain Pen Box Review

First Impression (10)

BamaPens has a wide variety of cigar boxes, and this particular box spoke to me. Throughout the early stages of him retrofitting the box, I was already extremely happy with the quality of his work with previous projects, so I already knew what to expect. Well like always, John went above and beyond what I expected and produced a box that I would have paid many times what I did elsewhere. As I imagine with every box John makes, I was greeted by a handwritten note by him. Upon reading that, I was flabbergasted by the intricacy of the wood work John had done to the box.

Construction and Finish (10)

This box is very well made, very art deco and with the enamel sea scene, what’s not to like? 

With John's work being mostly on the inside, the pen tray was the first thing I saw. I immediately had to take out a few pens from my other pen boxes, and try out this new pen holding system. It holds any pen perfectly, no matter the size, and its perfect! 

Onto the tray system, was a well thought out tray bracket, which John used non-abrasive materials to mount onto the box, to keep the integrity of the antique box. John used cedar wood that matched the grain of wood in the box to hold the pen tray, and used a mitered jointing system to conjugate the wood together.

I think the best part of this, is the two-in-one capabilities of being a pen and ink box at the same time. With the ability of holding about 12 ink bottles, I think it’s time for me to go order my long awaiting supply of ink.

Cost and Value (10)

I’m not sure of any other boxes that have the ability to hold both ink bottles and pens, that are priced under $100. The hundreds of combinations of felt colors, trays types, and box types, make this customizable for anybody needing a solution for pen and ink storage. 

Conclusion (10)

John treats everyone like family and is undoubtedly one of the best pen guys I’ve met. His boxes are very well built, and his prices are unbeatable. I suggest anyone looking at a storage system for pens contact John at BamaPen's as he'll get you something you'll love and more for a price you’ll love.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks,

    John really emphasizes quality in his work, and im more than happy with his work he has done.

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  4. Nice snaps.John really do better in his work.The box, exterior and interior are looking fabulous.In between there is a pen tray which was full of pens.In the tray system,there is an ingenious tray slide bracket, which was used non-abrasive materials.Thanks for sharing. We also sell best Pen qualities, Please visit our Pen Boxes site.